power flushing machine hire kent

Power flushing machine hire Kent

You may be of need of our power flushing services if your home is taking longer than normal to heat up, or you have noticed your hot water has not been as hot as usual.

Over time your heating system can build up with sludge not matter how your home is heated, if this sludge is not removed it can destroy your heating system from inside out, pipes sludge up and boilers cut out.

Other symptoms that indicate the need for a powerflush include a cold home large fuel bills and unevenly heated radiators.

Power flushing your heating system can prove costly with some companies charging as much as £1200  it doesn’t need to be this way, we will provide the same service for as little as £350

Alternatively you can hire the power flushing machine from us at a great daily rate power flushing is  necessary in Kent as the hard water accelerates the sludging up process destroying heating systems and raising fuel bills.


We are based in Dover Kent but are able to provide power flushing services in Ashford, Deal, Folkestone, Sandwich , Hythe. For Power flushing machine hire Kent call boiler parts Kent we will be happy to help

“When we had our boiler serviced the engineer recommend a power flush, the price quoted seemed high, so we shopped around and found boiler parts Kent who offered the same service at less than half the price” Harry M Canterbury.